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23 February 2023
The Mekong School, Institute of Local Knowledge

On the afternoon of February 23rd, 2023, 90 students of Thung Na Noi Primary School, grades 4-6, together with seven school teachers participated in an activity to learn about the conservation of natural resources and the environment at The Mekong School. The children and teachers learned about natural resources, especially about the Huai Tong and Huai Som streams, and the Som River that flows from the Doi Luang mountain range. The Som River flows from north of Ban Thung Na Noi to Ban Thung Sai and forms a natural moat around the City of Chiang Khong before it meets the Mekong River at Ban Sop Som. The Students also learned about the Mekong River, and the importance of sediments, fish species, kai or river algae, dams, and abnormal fluctuations of the river. Lastly, the students practiced simple water quality measurements, taking samples from the Mekong river and checking the turbidity or sediment content, as well as the pH value of the water sample.


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