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On December 9-10, 2023, Mekong School : Institute of Local Knowledge organized the merit faith for the Mekong River. There were approximately 300 people participating. Activities included making merit and chanting Buddhist mantras. Dedicating merit to the deceased, music, art, culture, river movies, a fair by the community network and important activities are the launch of the Mekong School Digital Library (SaengDao SatThaMan) and viewing the art of Tai Lue woven fabric, Baan Hat Bai – Sai Thong.

In the morning at 9:00 a.m., it begins with a ceremony to bring good fortune within the event. and entered the launch of the Mekong School Digital Library. There were 23 people participating in the event, Students in the Chiang Khong District area. Representative from the United States Agency for International Development, Australian Embassy in Thailand and the Asia Foundation, which supports the creation of digital libraries.

This evolving digital library has been created to compile knowledge about the Mekong River on a digital platform to make it relevant to the new generation. and easy to access information. So that everyone can join in following the current situation and possibilities of the environment.

All information is organized in an online platform in the form of a website. And the application for mobile phones has the name MSDL application or the library can be accessed through the website.


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