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Students enjoy the holidays and learn about water testing

Learn and experiment with basic water quality measurement tools.

On the morning of December 10, 2023, the second day of the merit faith for the Mekong River event at Mekong School, organized the activity “Holiday, Let’s Go to the Measurement water with 30 students from Anuban Chiang Khong  School and 3 teachers come to join the activity.

Initiate the activity with a check-in to facilitate introductions between students and organizers. Following this, proceed to the core content of the basic water quality measurement workshop. Students actively engaged in hands-on learning by utilizing a pH test kit, specifically designed for assessing acidity and alkalinity. Three distinct water samples were utilized, including Mekong river water, tap water, and fish pond water. This approach allowed students to observe and comprehend variations in water quality across different sources. The measurement process generated significant enthusiasm and interest among students, as it marked their initial experience in employing basic water quality measurement tools.

The students have learned and had the opportunity to use tools for measuring water quality, gaining insights into the current status and quality of the Mekong River. Additionally, we encourage students to actively participate in the preservation of the river and the environment. You can keep track of our activities through this website and our fan page.


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